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With over 14 years of experience in online learning and a wide range of courses that fits everyone’s interest, American University of Leadership has launched AUL Online Language Campus.

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Our program is designed for all levels of acquired English retention. Our goal is to increase the students’ level of proficiency in the many facets of the English language. Each course can be taken in any order as each course covers new vocabulary and grammar.



Our plateform is a flexible and easy-to-use that will help you increase your grammatical understanding and use of English. You will have access to use the system and practice your English skills at any time of day.


Our English Classes include One-on-one communication lessons by skype or in campus. These lessons are ideal to help you improve your accent and speack english fluently .


AOLC will provide End-of-Level accomplishement Certificate once you pass all your level course's. These certificates are provided by AUL Language department located in Florida, USA.


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